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My Tech Stack (2021 Edition)


2021 Tech Stack

It is hard to believe that 2021 is already coming to and end. I wanted to take this time to share with you what technologies I have been using this year.


I really enjoy working with React. The React team has done fantastic job keeping this library up to date and adding new enhancements to help manage state and performance. Not only that but React passed jQuery this year as the most commonly used framework.

2021 StackOverflow Survey

Dotnet Core

As a javascript developer, I really wanted to become a better Dotnet developer. I really enjoy working with a node backend, but my company along with many others use Dotnet Core to handle web requests. I probably spent 80% of my time this year working in backend, and I really enjoyed it! I am on a team that handles users authentication and authorization, so I can defintely see some Dotnet 6 upgrades happening soon.

Dotnet Core


This is an extremely powerful cloud Infrasture to run your applications.


Infrasture As Code. This is to quickly spin a new AWS Infrasture quickly without having to use the AWS Console.


Postgres and SQL

An object - relational database.